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Frequently Asked Questions:
  What is hydroseeding?  Hydroseeding is the process of using water to apply a mixture of seed and mulch (that have been mixed in a tank) to soil to rapidly establish a cover of vegetation using a hydroseeding machine.  
Why choose hydroseeding? There are  many reasons to choose hydroseeding. Hydroseeding costs less than sod (generally half the price of installed sod).  It is tailored to each site's condition.  No undesirable seeds are sown, as are often inadvertently sown with sod (soil at sod farms can contain unwanted seeds from previous plant life).  While sod may provide an immediate "fix", it is often only temporary.  Hydroseeding can offer greater success than conventional seeding with a higher germination rate as well as better protection from erosion.  Seeding with straw as mulch also introduces unwanted weed seeds.  Hydroseeding provides the best return for the investment in the long term.
How do I know I'm getting what is needed?  We custom mix and apply according to the individual needs of each customer's site.
When is the best time to seed? Any season, spring, summer or fall is a good time for seeding.  The hot summer months offer excellent results when ample moisture is provided by methods such as irrigating, sprinkling, watering or even rain.  Germination occurs in less than a week with good conditions.  Late summer and early fall offer the better seeding window  for the Midwest climate.
What is hydraulic soil stabilization?  Hydraulic soil stabilization is the prevention of soil erosion  by applying mixtures that contain  combinations of seed, mulch and tackifier (glue) to areas, such as steep slopes, that are prone to erosion from rains or even flat areas subject to wind.
Is hydroseeding safe?  Yes, we only use products that are environmentally safe while giving great results.  We also offer and promote organic products.
Who would want to use Clever Name Contracting as their hydroseeder? Everyone that appreciates reliable service and quality workmanship would want to use Clever Name Contracting.    Anyone looking for a solid contractor that specializes in hydroseeding would choose  Clever Name Contracting.  We proudly serve customers  throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.
Is "Clever Name Contracting" some kind of joke? Clever Name Contracting is no joke.  We just like having fun while working hard in a professional manner.  We pride ourselves in offering tailor-made seed mixtures for the specific needs of each customer's unique site.  We prefer to personally meet with you, the customer, to listen to your needs, to answer questions and, together, determine what is best.  The hydroseeding is then personally performed  ourselves.
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Hydroseeding: Minnesota (MN), Wisconsin (WI), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Iowa (IO)